Corruption is legal in America and alive and well in West Virginia Politics.

It's perfectly legal for a large industry to make huge contributions, up to $2000.00 per cycle, to a Candidate and also spend an UNLIMITED amount of money independently to either prop up their Candidate or to tear down their opponent. Huge donations can be used to fill Television stations air time and our mailboxes with propaganda.  This is legal.


That same industry can offer that Candidate, their spouse, or children jobs that can reach six, or seven figure salaries.  That industry can write their own legislation and hand it to their Candidate who will then introduce it in the Legislature and work to pass their Bill. It's all legal.

My plan is to work to end this type of corrupting influence in our State Legislature and have your Legislators work for you.

I've started and taken a Pledge to refuse Corporate PAC and lobbyist money.  Please join me in asking other candidates to take the same pledge.