There are people all over West Virginia that can not drink the water that comes out of their taps.  There are people in West Virginia who even fear to bathe themselves and/or their children in the water that comes into their homes. They are concerned that the water could be making them sick and causing harm to their bodies.

Last year the Legislature passed a Bill to allow more cancer causing agents to legally be dumped in our Rivers and Streams. *See: Anti-Corruption to learn how this is possible. One of our current representatives was a co-sponsor to this bill. There was a public hearing on the bill where the public OPPOSED this bill 3:1.


Two of our current representatives voted FOR the Cancer Creek Bill - HB 2506 which passed. See their vote count here.

Water is LIFE.

I strongly support Laws to protect our water so that when we turn on our taps we can feel safe to drink the water that comes out. I will fight for clean, safe water to protect a basic human need for healthy living.