Selina Vickers is running for West Virginia House of Delegates, District 32


Why I’m running: I am running so that I can cast my votes FOR the people in my district. I am tired of asking my representatives to do the right thing, only to be ignored. Are you?


My Plan: 


Listen. I will meet with people from my district and make them and their needs a priority. I will be a year-round representative, so we will talk year-round, not just when it's election time. We will build our legislative plan together.


End Corruption. I will sponsor Anti-Corruption legislation to hold legislators accountable to their voters.

Improve Education and Healthcare. A healthy and well-educated workforce is essential to economic development. High quality education is the foundation of a successful future for West Virginia.


Harness Energy Resources. West Virginia coal miners and gas workers deserve safe working conditions and to be treated with dignity and respect, as do the communities where coal and gas companies do business. Additionally, West Virginia is well positioned to pioneer research into alternative energy options such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power.

Protect Property Rights. West Virginians who own property deserve to have their property rights and property values protected. 


Defend Workers. Employees in every sector deserve a safe workplace and a living wage.