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Meet Selina

Selina Vickers was born and raised in West Virginia.  Her best friend and husband of 28 years, Tim, have one daughter in college.  They have a small free range zoo of five rescue animals.


Selina has worked with and advocated for children and families most of her adult life.  She is a licensed social worker and holds a Masters degree in Counseling.  She works with parents, youth, community members and educators on issues related to adolescent health like bullying prevention, sexual assault prevention, etc. Selina has seen government both help and harm families. She understands the importance of a government that is responsive to the needs of the people.

Dedicated to End Corruption

Corruption is legal in West Virginia. It is perfectly legal to accept campaign money from big corporate interests, get elected, then work to  pass legislation that benefits that same big corporate interest. That might be giving them tax breaks. It might be rolling back safety or environmental regulations to allow them to dump waste in our communities.  It's all perfectly legal. 

Why don't we make it illegal?

Why don't we pass legislation that will hold our elected officials accountable to the people who elect them?

Why don't we elect a representative that refuses that corporate money?

Help Selina by donating and volunteering for a grassroots campaign that will work to end corruption.

Committed to Democratic Party Reform

After the 2016 primary, where the State of WV watched 8 "leaders" spit in the eye of WV voters by overriding the WV primary vote with their "superdelegate" votes, Selina set out to make sure that never happens to West Virginians again. For the past few years, Selina has taken a deep deep dive into Party politics which is often a very closed and unfriendly system, and advocated for reform and inclusion on the national, state and local level. Selina was in the room when the DNC voted to drastically reduce the power of "superdelegates". She understands that it does take a political revolution to change our political Parties so that our government truly is run by and for the people.

Pledged to Serve

Big Corporations have plenty of elected officials working for them. It's time that the voters have someone looking out for them. Selina has pledged not to take ANY corporate contributions so that you know that she is working for you, not the corporations.  Read her Pledge here.



Selina with Boo Vickers.

Boo was a terrified and lonely plot hound that Selina met when delivering dog beds to the animal shelter.  He is now a happy, healthy and much loved member of the Vickers' family.