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About Selina

Selina Vickers was born and raised in West Virginia. Selina and her best friend, Tim, celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary this year and have a daughter in college.  They have a small free range zoo of five rescue animals.


Selina has worked with and advocated for children and families most of her adult life.  She is a licensed social worker and holds a Masters degree in Counseling.  She works with parents, youth, community members and educators on issues related to adolescent health like bullying prevention, sexual assault prevention, etc.


After the 2016 primary, where the State of WV watched 8 "leaders" spit in the eye of WV voters by overriding the WV primary vote with their "superdelegate" votes, Selina set out to make sure that never happens to West Virginian's again. For the past few years, Selina has taken a deep deep dive into party politics which is often a very closed and unfriendly system, and advocated for reform and inclusion on the national, state and local level. Selina was in the room when the DNC voted to drastically reduce the power of "superdelegates". She understands that it does take a political revolution to change our political parties so that our government truly is run by and for the people.

Dedicated to End Corruption

Selina is running for House of Delegates and she needs your help. She is not accepting any money from Corporate PACS.  She is running a grassroots campaign and you can help by donating and volunteering.

You can help by: 

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