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Document Archive

This section contains some of the most significant documents related to the rules of the Democratic Party. In addition, because sometimes it is important to understand when and why changes were made, older versions of documents are archived.  

The search for these documents is difficult and very time consuming.  If you have any historical documents related to the Democratic Party, please share them so that they can be included in this archive.  


Charter and Bylaws

Charter and Bylaws
v. 03.12.2022 (updated 03.12.2022)
v. 10.09.2021 
v. 08.24.2029
v. 08.25.2018
v. Original 12.07.1974
Do you other versions of the Charter and Bylaws?  Please send!

Call to Convention

Call to Convention
2020   Call for the 2020 National Democratic Convention (contains Appendix B as of 02.26.2019)
            Appendix B as of 11.25.2019
Coming in late summer 2022  - Call for the 2024 National Democratic Convention
Historical Calls Coming Soon - Call for the 1964, 1968, 1972
           Preliminary Call for the 1978 National Party Conference

Do you other versions of the Call?  Please send!

Delegate Selection Rules

Delegate Selection Rules
2020  Delegate Selection Rules for the 2020 Democratic National Convention

Coming in late summer 2022  - Delegate Selection Rules for the 2024 Democratic National Convention
Historical Delegate Selection Rules Coming Soon for the 1964, 1968, 1972 national conventions

Do you other versions of Delegate Selection Rules?  Please send!


DNC Commissions - Commissions are primarily mandated by a national convention to address one or more specific issues.  Commissions meet and then prepare a report with recommendations. The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee reviews the recommendations and determines if any changes should occur in the Charter, Bylaws, or other official rules. 

Unity Reform Commission (2017)
Herman Price Commission (2005)

Coming Soon - Report of the Equal Rights Subcommittee (R. Hughes Commission) (1964)
                        Ad Hoc H. Hughes Commission (not sanctioned by DNC) (1968)
                        McGovern-Frasier Commission (1969-1972)
                        O'Hara Commission (1969-1972)
                        Mikulski Commission (1973-1974)
                        Sanford Commission (1973-1974)
                        Winnograd Commission (1976-1978)
                        Hunt Commission (1981-1982)
                        Fowler Commission (1985-1986)

Do you other Commission reports?  Please send!

Official Policy of the DNC

Official Policy of the DNC

The Six Basic Elements of an Open Party (adopted January 1968) (updated version)

Do you other official policy of the DNC?  Please send!
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