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Party Reform

There are many paths to Party reform. The one we will address here is straightforward and focuses on Party rules.  Keep in mind that many factors can affect Party reform.

Sometimes Democrats think they need to change the rules of the Party to reform the Party.  And, there are definitely areas of the Party rules that I would like to change,  However, there are many really good rules in the Party that are not followed.

I suggest learning the Party rules and knowing your rights as a  Democrat.  If your rights, or the rights of others, are violated, then follow the process provided to you to file a grievance or a challenge.

Your state Party Bylaws should contain a process to file a Grievance or appeal a decision.

The Delegate  Selection Rules and the Regulations of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee provide information about filing a challenge.  Both are very time sensitive.

Here are documents that you will need:

Documents you will need

Your state or territory Bylaws
Your state code as it related to political parties and "sunshine" laws

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