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"Candidate Training Promotes Support System" -- The Register-Herald

Jordan Nelson - August 17, 2019

Danielle Harris ran for Oak Hill City Council this year and lost by four votes; she's pushing through and planning to run again. 

The elementary teacher for Fayette County Schools attended a candidate training Saturday in Oak Hill hosted by Stephen Smith, a candidate for governor. She was there to support her friend Selina Vickers, who ran for the House of Delegates in 2018 to represent Fayette County, and although she did not win the race, she's making moves to run again, much like her friend Harris. 


"The public school system still needs funding for mental health services," Harris shared with The Register-Herald. "I am pro-public school all around, and that's why I am here in full support with Selina, because so is she." 

Harris recalled when teachers conducted a statewide walk-out in 2018, the first since 1990. She said Vickers was one of the few people to approach her to discuss what teachers really need and why they were fighting so hard. 

Vickers asked Harris what the problems were in the education system and showed she truly cared, Harris said. 

"I've been in full support of her ever since," Harris said. "So, we both wanted to come here today, just to see what we could learn.

"She's inspired me. She's an activist for women's rights, education, and money transparency, and she's just an all-around change maker. So today we're here to learn ways not only she can be a better candidate, but I'm here to be a part of her campaign."

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"Bernie Sanders supporter attends every DNC rule-change meeting. DNC member calls her a Russian plant" -- Washington Post

David Weigel -  June 12, 2018

Selina Vickers’s weekend trip to Rhode Island was as cheap as she could make it. She shelled out $143.60 for a plane ticket from West Virginia to Providence, where the Democratic National Committee’s rules and bylaws group was meeting.

She paid $68.07 for an Airbnb in Cranston, a short commute from Providence. Once there, Vickers did what she always did at DNC meetings — she took notes, recorded video and made sure that the party was committing to overhaul its primary rules."

A few days later, Vickers was accused of being a Russia-backed agent of chaos, working to destabilize the Democratic Party from within

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