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How the Democratic Party is Structured
This training by Selina Vickers provides answers to many commonly asked questions about the Democratic Party is structured:

  • who are the members of the DNC?

  • how many DNC members are there?

  • how are decisions made?

  • what is the role of the national convention?

  • And, importantly, how can the average Democrat influence the composition and ultimately the decisions of the DNC?

This training was provided as part of "A Summit for Democracy" sponsored by PDPR and was recorded in July 2021. 


Parliamentary Procedure
This training by Dr. Charles Brichford on parliamentary procedure provides a basic understanding of how to participate in a meeting using Robert's Rules of Order.  

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Coming Soon
Following the Summer DNC meeting (which will likely be in late August or September, the Delegate Selection Rules and the Call for the 2024 national convention will be adopted by the DNC.  Look for trainings to learn more about these 2 very critical documents. 

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